Ah, grammar. A beautiful thing, yet often abused. We Grammar Nazis are the only line of defense from the outside world, constantly mixing up homophones and spellings.

It makes up the structure of speech and script, and we appreciate it far too little. So I have taken it into my own hands to educate the knuckleheads out there, as well as aid students and fellow Nazis in their pursuit of knowledge.

Some really basic, yet common errors involve homophones-two words that sound the same, but are spelled differently, meaning different things. Almost always, they include the pairs they're/there/their, its/it's, your/you're. They are used, respectively, as "they are," "it is there," "this is their book,"its home," "it is," "your food," and "you are." So, please take care to avoid making these simple mistakes.

Another baffling mistake is happening recently, due to texting. Some abbreviations are reasonable-the lack of punctuation, capitalization, and an abnormal amount of LOLs and WTFs-but one is completely not understandable: alot.

First off, a lot is two words. Everyone can understand that. Second of all, if you are taking time to text someone, you should simply add a space between those characters. Is it really that hard, people? Seriously?

Simply put, if everyone corrects these mistakes, there will be a huge decrease in grammar errors, though there are still some obscure ones. For example, there are some more or less common misspelings, such as surgeon, weird, and island, though rarely seen. Additionally, there are enough errors with unnecessary apostrophes that someone has made a blog about it (http://www.unnecessaryquotes.com/)

There are so many crimes out there that I cannot find them all by myself. I still have to mention run-on sentences, abusing capitalization, sentence fragments and so many others...but that's it for now. Goodbye, my friend, and support our cause! Go fund me!