So. You want to know about this hallowed game? I'm liking you more and more.

KoL. A multiplayer, turn-based RPG created in 2003. While some gamers may shrug it off as a amatuer creation, its fans have learned to appreciate its efforts to preserve the "good ol' days".

Yeah. Enough with the drama. Despite it's little to no animation, it's mechanics are incredibly complicated and delicated, evidence of hard work and constant updates showing.

I am a livid player, logging on on a daily basis to burn my adventures, the "time", or turns, in the games. Basically, there are places to spend these turns. The plot is that there is a council ordering you on quests, solved by you adventuring in certain areas and solving puzzles. Every day, there are 40 turns given to you, which can be increased by wearing certain pieces of equipment, eating, drinking, and spleening.

The game is very complicated underneath the old, unanimated surface, so I have taken the liberty to direct you to the wiki for further information.

Recently, they have released another videogame on the Steam gaming platform. Despite costing around ten dollars, which is about ten dollars more than KoL costs, it is still very popular; already, 60 thousand accounts have been created and the game has been played for 180,000+ hours. However, I do not know much about this game, as I do not spend money on games. Please see an alternate website for details

A walkthrough can be found on that website too, but several hints for people just beginning: Do not worry about the power of your equipment; instead, look for good enchantments. Try to finish quests before farming for stats/items/meat. Also, try using a +stats familiar to speed through quicker. If you need some starting meet, simply send a message the account Sealclubberforlife, which is my alt.