This is why I love the 80s

First off, arcade games.

Who could forget the old golden days of videogames? It all started with Tennis for Two and Spacewar! Then, the business began branching into Pac-man(formerly called Puck-Man, but renamed due to vandalism), Galaga/Galaxian, Donkey Kong, Centipede, Asteroids, Lunar Lander, Snake and all the other vintage arcade tables. Later, SEGA and Nintendo began releasing their consoles, effectively killing the old-fashioned arcades. No more quarters clinked in every boy's pocket. Everyone just played in the comfort of their old home.

But there are those people with a goal in their mission to recommemorate those golden days. The times of quarters on the marquees are over, but we try to bring it back. We research the patterns for Pac-Man. We play Q-Bert on emulators. We buy DnD expansion sets and sit down to open them. We pray that we will somehow lay our hands on a cabinet.

The internet is full of emulators. And we play those, looking for patterns that will improve our gameplay. But that doesn't substitute the old age.

So. What is your favorite arcade game? Personally, mine is Pac-Man. Bring back the 80s!