By Vincent

Hi. I'm Vincent.


Of course, you probably know that by now. If not, I worry for you, buddy. I can probably find a psychariatic hospital if you want. Or a prison for the mentally insane.

I hope you're here because you want to learn more about me. If not, then a) you are an imbecile and b) please move in an orderly fashion towards the clearly labeled exit.

So. You're still here, apparently. Fine. Stuff about me. I am, as you could say, a nerd. Unfortunately, I am not part of NERDS, but books, math, writing-these are, as I like to classify them, my hobbies. I'm weird that way.

At school (Odle MS), I hang out with my own little group of friends. I don't particularly like large crowds; they make me fell agitated, so I travel in duos or trios. Never more. Most of my friends feel the same way. Unfortunately, there's always those small friends who insist on contradicting you.

I am impatient. I used to think that I wanted to be a teacher. Now, I look back and laugh at that idea. How had my silly six-year-old mind actually believed that I had vested in me the virtues necessary for such a career? In three years' time, I'll probably say that about my dream to be an author. But we're not three years into the future. Yet.

What else do you need to know? Actually, you should know a lot more, if you want to stalk me. So, instead of following every guide on how to stay safe on the internet, I hereby present more information about me. Read on!

What I love:

What do I love? That is an easy question for me to answer.


More specifically, I love all my hobbies (see above), but yes, grammar is very important for me. In fact, I classify myself as a Grammar Nazi. HAHA! I will watch the world burn!

No, not really. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it means that I take pride in my proper grammar and am willing to interrupt a conversation (online or otherwise) to correct incorrect grammar. I like to think of myself as a crucial line of defence from the bad grammar sweeping the nation. Like, seriously. Get a grip, people.

Also, yes, I suppose I should acknowledge my family and everything in this section. Meh. I live with my mother, father, and little brother (7) in Washington. All four of my grandparents are alive, fortunately. We have moved way too much for me. I can only hope that we are going to settle in this house.

My favorite videogame is a rather obscure one named The Kingdom of Loathing, KoL for short. At first, it was created in a week by one person - one person! - coding it as a casual game. Now, at any time, it will have 400+ plus players. While that is not a lot, consider the fact that it ran and runs completely on donations and with a staff of several (20?) people. It is still updating as of now, with minor tweaks every few days and new challenge paths every season.

Speaking of games, I also enjoy a card game known as Exploding Kittens. It is pretty well known, more so than KoL. Unfortunately, I rarely have a decent player to play with (read: not my little brother).

Oh, and who can forget the memorable 80s and its arcade games? Pac-man, Galaga, Q-bert, Adventure, and Spacewar!


Ah, so you want to learn about grammar? But there is too much to explain on such a simple page! We must journey together to the depths of the site to a second page, dedicated to the noble cause of grammmar! CHAAAAAARGE!

Thank you for reading.